Vegetable Fundamentals at Asha’s

Discover the foundation of vegetarian dishes at Asha’s.


Who says a meal is not complete without meat? As the world continues to grow more mindful about food consumption, many of us incorporate rituals into our lives such as ‘veggie nights’. Similarly, many of us have embraced the vegetarian diet and are on a constant lookout for tasty variations. Filled with proteins, plenty of minerals, vitamins and just enough carbs, vegetable-based dishes represent a perfectly balanced meal without the health risks associated with meat.


At Asha’s, we pride ourselves in cooking an array of vegetable dishes. Just like our legendary songstress, Asha Bhosle, we love creating our favourite vegetarian dishes in the kitchen. From these meals, the following vegetables form the foundation of our delicious dishes:



Dal, also known as lentils, contribute to a healthy source of vegetarian protein for any dish, while the added herb ingredients supply valuable vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Best eaten with rice or bread, dal is similar to paneer in its ability to effortlessly replace meat in dishes.


What to try at Asha’s: For an indulgent meal, try our signature black dal. Filled with thick cream, it is best enjoyed with steamed jasmine rice or naan bread. For a lighter feel, order our Ghar Ki Dal packed with all the needed nutrients. Yellow moong lentils tempered with onions, cumin and green chillies in clarified butter, Ghar Ki Dal is a treasured dish from Asha Bhosle’s childhood.


Asha Bhosle: “As children we spent our holidays in Indore with my aunt. She taught me this dal, which is a common preparation of Madhya Pradesh in Central India.”



Paneer is a fresh cottage cheese that is unaged, acid-set and non-melting. Although not a vegetable, it is a known favourite among vegetarians from all corners of the world. Made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice and vinegar, paneer is a famous substitute for meat based on its distinct solid texture and ability to compliment any type of curry.


What to try at Asha’s: Paneer Ka Soola – try our tandoori shashlik of paneer, green peppers, tomatoes and pineapple flavoured with mustard. Grilled to perfection, it is the perfect appetizer to enjoy along with any of our paneer-based curries.



Also referred to as saag, spinach is often used as a healthy alternative in Indian kitchens. Because spinach is extremely low in carbohydrates, especially sugars, it is often combined with paneer for a heavier meal or cooked alone with various herbs and spices for those with dietary considerations.


What to try at Asha’s: For an authentic taste, try our Home Style Spinach, made with fresh spinach cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric and cumin.


Asha Bhosle: “Usually spinach in Indian cuisine is combined with paneer and often has cream, ghee and butter, which makes it quite rich and heavy. However, this dish is light, easy and brings out the true taste of spinach.”



Also referred to as bharta, eggplants are essential for any vegetarian kitchen. With an array of nutrients such as iron, calcium and other minerals, the vegetable does not only form a great combination with naan or steamed rice, but also serves as a healthy alternative.


What to try at Asha’s: Taste Asha Bhosle’s mother, Mai’s, favourite dish – Hare Baingan Ka Bharta. Made from oven-roasted and mashed eggplants tempered with mustard seeds, onions, garlic, green chillies and fresh coriander in clarified butter, this dish is a delicacy in our kitchen.


Asha Bhosle: “My mother Mai cooked great non-vegetarian cuisine for her family, but remained a pure vegetarian all her life. She simply adored this simple roasted aubergine dish.”


From rich and creamy paneer curries to light and tasty Ghar Ki Dal, Asha’s Restaurant has a vegetarian dish made especially for you. Whether you’re new to eating vegetarian dishes or made it part of your weekly routine, our dishes will provide you with just the right amount of spice, taste and nutrients.


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