Three Indians & An Englishman: From Street To Plate

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A few months ago the Asha’s team decided to venture to Mumbai, India’s largest city, in search of culinary inspiration. With the goal to bring back the best tastes of the city, we filmed our travels and created a beautiful menu – Three Indians & An Englishman – that showcases showcases our food adventures and experience of the Mumbai madness.

Now, having returned to Dubai, we’re excited to share our journey with you. In case you’ve missed it, view our menu or check out our videos on our Youtube channel or social channels!

The Team

Rajan Malik – Operations Manager of Asha’s
Navin Chauhan – Brand Executive Chef for Asha’s GCC
Bobby Geetha – Asha’s Corporate Chef
Matthew Firth – General Manager at Asha’s and Englishman

The Journey

Day 1: A Rocky Start

After spending an hour and a half in traffic to reach our hotel, we were disappointed upon arrival. Worried about how we would capture the food essence of the city in three days, we made a list of the top restaurants to visit first. Listing places such as Shiv Sagar, Prithvi Café, London Bubble Company, Sardar Ji and Anda Apna Apna, we were doubtful if we could visit them all in one day. After a long and disheartening dining expedition, we went with little hope to the last place on our list – Mahesh Lunch Home. Less classy but spacious, we were surprisingly impressed by the flavors of their dishes such as Neer Dosa and Crispy Fried Garlic Chilli Prawns. After talking with the chefs about their recipes, we ventured back to our hotel – tired but satisfied about our food find.

Day 2: The Best Kebabs in Town

Word was that Mohammed Ali street was the place to go for non-vegetarian food, especially kebabs. Deciding to explore the area, we sought to find a taxi. After no luck finding a taxi or rickshaw, we took a walk on the wild side and made use of Mumbai’s public transport – the train! Once we arrived, we were surrounded by tandoors and kebabs on every corner. Splitting up into two groups, we were in search of the best kebabs in town! After various local opinions that Noor Mohammad Hotel had the best, we met up again to try and test.

Forgetting all about the previous kebabs tried, we were truly impressed by the dishes prepared by the chef. Trying out their speciality – Chicken Sanju Baba – we proceeded to talk to the chefs about their inspiration behind their delicious dishes. After our experience at the hotel, we found another special gem from our trip – Jimmy Boy, a parsi restaurant that served us a delicately flavoured Persian Berry Biryani – which now forms part of our new menu.

Finishing off our evening, we headed to Marine Drive, Leopold Café and Café Safar for evening snacks. Trying delicacies such as Mawa Jalebi, Kolhapuri, our evening came to a fruitful end.

Day 3: Take To The Streets

After breakfast, we headed to the famous Spice Market at Lal Bagh. Witnessing large spice grinding mills and people from different backgrounds and cultures, we were convinced this was the best place to acquire spices in Mumbai. Feeling hungry, we headed to Gulshan E Iran to have their famous Keema Pav and Iranian tea.

As a last little adventure, we visited Chowpatty to have their amazing Pav bhaji and Chaats. After an exciting day, we retired to our hotel, where we decided to have dinner together and reflect back on our last three days. To our surprise, a dish on the menu caught our attention – the Butter Chicken Slider – of which we still think about to this day!

Our Inspiration

Taking inspiration from every interaction and taste, we feel extremely lucky to have brought back a part of Mumbai to share with our valued guests. From all the foods we tasted, we brought back the essence of our favourites and have added our personal touch to create our Three Indians & An Englishman menu. Next time you’re at Asha’s, be sure to try out our Mumbai inspired dishes!

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