Mad About Momos?

Experience a taste bud explosion with our delicately crafted, bite-sized momos.

As 2018 approaches, the team at Asha’s is brimming with excitement for the new year. In our celebratory mood, we thought of regional dishes that captured the true essence of sharing, celebration and diversity. Without much effort, the choice was simple: momos.

Don’t know what momos are? Prepare to be amazed!

What is a momo?

A momo is a street style dumpling that includes a filling. Typically steamed, momos are one of the most popular fast foods in India and Nepal. Made of a doughy exterior and filled with either meat or vegetables, momos are usually served with a dipping sauce made with tomato or chilli as a base.

Why is it so popular?

Momos are street food. As with any type of streetfood, the art lies in its convenience and accessibility – while still remaining tasty and flavorful. Momos have become a traditional delicacy in Nepal, Tibet, India and other communities in Bhutan. With the streets filled with vendors serving the tasty bite-sized treats, momos are the perfect go-to dish for those on the go.

Where do momos come from?

Momos are said to be from Tibet, but have been spread across the region in places such as India, Nepal and Bhutan because of its popularity. It is said that traveling Newar merchants brought the recipe to India from Tibet many moons ago. After years of preparation and cooking in different regions, momos now take on different tastes and textures specific to the region in which it finds its home.

What is the difference between a momo and a dim sum?

The first distinction is that dim sums are from China and momos are from Tibet. While both are bite-sized, dim sums are customarily eaten as a light snack, especially during tea time, while momos are considered street food meant to fill an appetite. While there are a few variations of momos, there are over 2,000 types of dim sums currently in existence including lotus-leaf-wrapped sticky rice, egg tarts and custard buns.

Where can I taste a momo?

During January, diners will have a whole month of opportunity to try out this Tibetan dish for themselves. Ideal for sharing, Asha’s has rolled out three special blends of momos. Charged at 29 AED for one and 75 AED for a sampler of three, diners have the freedom to just try one or to indulge as they please!

Try one of the following momos
at Asha’s in January:

Here at Asha’s, we take momos to the next level. Carefully marinated, steamed and charcoal roasted in a tandoor, our momos are a Tibetan delicacy crafted by our star chef Bobby Gheeta. A dish not to be missed this January!

*All momo prices include VAT and service charge.
*Momos are available at Asha’s from 1st January until 31st January.