Live Like a Maharaja at Asha’s

Step into India’s royal kitchens for a privileged behind-the-scenes look at the historic dishes enjoyed by kings, queens, emperors and potentates, then take your seat at the table and dine like one

There’s more to the menu at Asha’s Restaurants than classic North-West Indian frontier cuisine this season with the team of culinary maestros adding a regal flavour to the dining experience.

Available at our flagship Asha’s at Wafi, Dubai, the Live Like a Maharaja menu showcases a premium selection of 14 specially recreated dynastic dishes.


The menu, which is available for a limited period only, is a visual and gastronomic feast for the eyes and palate with a shortlist of exceptional dishes including appetisers such as Aloo Khusnuma (paneer and dry fruit-stuffed potato barrels charred in the tandoor and napped with a royal masala gravy) and Tangadi Kebabs (succulent chicken drumsticks marinated in Lucknow spices).

Food is best enjoyed when eaten with friends and loved ones, and Asha Bhosle has hand-selected some main course favourites designed especially for sharing.

She recommends the Murg Mussallum – or Sultan’s Delight – which historians say was a favourite in the court of Sultan Muhammad Ibn Tughlaq. A slow-roasted chicken, stuffed with egg, dry fruits and served on a bed of saffron-scented basmati rice, it’s a difficult choice between this and the Rampuri Paya Biryani, another regal masterpiece from the kingdom of Rampur and featuring slow-cooked baby lamb with saffron, raisins and lamb jus-enriched basmati rice.

And don’t forget the Jheenga Be-Aab – prawns cooked in a rich flavourful onion, tomato and cashew nut gravy with a blend of secret spices, and said to be a treasured recipe from the Nizam of Hyderabad’s own kitchen.


Every Asha’s menu is a gift from the heart of this acclaimed globetrotting songstress and cook, as she explains: “Over the years, I have attempted to learn the diversity in Indian food, which changes from region to region.

“India is the land of countless religions, cultures, languages, dialects and taste buds. This menu is inspired by the past and is designed to be enjoyed in the present, and I sincerely hope that you, your family and friends will share in my family secrets and enjoy the recipes of my heart.”

And Asha’s Restaurant fans from around the GCC and beyond agree, as diner feedback shows. Said Zeyna S: “A masterpiece from the kingdom of Ramur, the biryani is ideal for sharing and was heaven, with meat so tender it was literally falling off the bone. The flavours were rich and luxurious.”

Another satisfied diner, ConciergeAngel, posted: “Asha’s have a menu at Wafi Mall that’s absolutely ‘Fit for a King’. The Aloo Khusnuma stuffed potato barrels were topped with a spicy gravy with pomegranate used to create a little explosion of added flavour and the perfect crunch for this hearty vegetarian starter.”


Asha also recommends saving some room for a final sweet flourish with a duo of royal favourite desserts including Shahi Tukda, a court highlight of Mughal emperors. This unique take on a classic bread pudding features reduced milk accented with vibrant green pistachios and fragrant almonds for a sweet signature indulgence that rounds out your royal Asha’s experience.

The Live Like a Maharaja menu is available until the 30th of September in the UAE. Be sure to check out the menu before the end of the month!