Ready For Riyadh: Asha’s Second Restaurant in KSA

After the rising demand for Indian cuisine in the Kingdom, Asha’s is bringing delicious experiences to the people of Riyadh.

After less than a year since our debut in Saudi Arabia, the Asha’s team is branching out to Sidra in Riyadh. Starting out, we opened Asha’s at Le Mall towards the end of August 2017, which marked our first restaurant in the vibrant Red Sea city of Jeddah. Now, with the opening of Asha’s in the ‘ultimate dining destination’ in Riyadh, we’re excited to showcase our world-class hospitality and culinary excellence to the capital.

The Reason: Why Riyadh?

After operating in Jeddah for a few months, the Asha’s team could not deny the amount of excitement shared among guests. From their generosity to their enthusiasm for the brand and dishes, the people of Saudi Arabia wanted more. Having known Asha’s not only by the Le Mall opening, but also from all our branches across the Middle East, the demand for more stores was clear. Answering to the requests of our loyal guests, we decided to open in Riyadh with the hopes to continuously deliver authentic Indian cuisine to the people of Saudi Arabia.

The Place: Where’s Sidra?

Sidra is a popular dining location in the heart of the Kingdom’s capital. Located next to Granada Centre, guests will be able to find Asha’s new location by taking exit 9 on Imam Abdullah Ibn Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Road. Expected to seat 158 guests, our new Asha’s restaurant will bring families and friends together to celebrate the joys of dining together on delicate dishes.

The Plan: Where to Next?

As the driving force behind our award-winning culinary excellence, Asha Bhosle had the ambition to deliver outstanding food to the world. After the first opening of Asha’s restaurant in WAFI Dubai in 2002, the dream continued and transcended across cities, countries and continents.

In just 15 years, our global Indian restaurant chain has become a firm favourite among regional and international guests with locations across the Gulf and the UK. We’re proud to announce our expansion in Saudi Arabia and our plans to open in Riyadh Gallery and more locations in the near future.

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