5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mumbai

Among Mumbai’s numerous achievements, it has an array of hidden culinary treasures. Mumbai is said to have at least five food vendors on every street, serving mouth-watering treats from spicy pani puri to savory vada pav. Recently four experts from Asha’s, three Indians and an Englishman, came home from a trip to Mumbai. Our culinary experts explored the streets of Mumbai, aiming to capture its real taste and bring it into our kitchen at Asha’s. Be on the lookout for our tastes of Mumbai, freshly served from our kitchens with love from 1st July till 31st October! We promise you an authentic Mumbaiker experience of a lifetime only at Asha’s! Let’s celebrate Mumbai’s legacy with a few hidden facts and secrets:

The city used to be called ‘Bom Bahia’, a.k.a Bombay

Initially, Mumbai used to have a Portuguese name – ‘Bom Bahia’ – meaning ‘good bay’. However, the buzzing city was later named ‘Mumbai’ after the famous temple diety, Mumbadevi, who is believed to be the goddess of the fishing community in the Indian city.

Mumbai was once a collection of seven islands

The seven islands that formed ‘Bombay’ were Isle of Bombay, Colaba, Old Woman’s Island (Little Colaba), Mahim, Mazagaon, Parel and Worli. These islands were famous fishing centers, with a few of the island communities still in existence today. It is said that it took over five centuries to unite the islands together to form the hub of Mumbai.

Mumbai is known as the ‘city of firsts’

Along its other titles, Indians proudly call Mumbai the city of firsts since several historical milestones were first recorded in Mumbai. From India’s first passenger train and civil airport to its first five star hotel, Mumbai has witnessed it all first.

The city has the best managed food supply chain in the world

The famous Dabbawalas network in Mumbai is a century old lunchbox delivery system in which 5,000 vendors deliver over 200,000 lunchboxes to office workers daily. The Dabbawalas have managed the network so efficiently that top business schools have created case studies thoroughly examining the Dabbawalas’ business plan for insights. In addition, Forbes has listed the Dabbawala supply chain to be among the best managed supply chains in the world with only one mistake among their whopping eight million deliveries!

It is home to Asia’s largest central park

The central park in the Kharghar area of Mumbai covers an area of 119 hectares and is the largest park in all of Asia and the second largest in the world. Open to the public since 2010, Kharghar central park is home to several theme parks, amphitheatres, botanical gardens, water-sport activities, jogging tracks, golf courses and even a temple.

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