Asha Bhosle has been captivating audiences around the world for over seven decades. As the name and creative force behind the first global Indian restaurant chain, today, Asha’s is a household name with 13 locations in five countries on two continents.
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It’s Biryani Time This Eid!

Biryani comes from the Farsi word “Biryan” which means to roast and was first discovered in the Persian Gulf. In India, however, Biryani first originated in the Mughal era under the courtship of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631), who is known to...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mumbai

Among Mumbai’s numerous achievements, it has an array of hidden culinary treasures. Mumbai is said to have at least five food vendors on every street, serving mouth-watering treats from spicy pani puri to savory vada pav. Recently four experts from Asha’s, three Indians and an...

Asha’s Ramadan Meals

Celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan by dining on delectable dishes with friends and family at Asha’s. Ramadan Kareem to all our loyal guests! May this Holy Month surround you with an abundance of love, humility and blessings. During the sacred month, we reflect back to...

Introducing: Asha’s Going Places

Be sure to watch this space! As with any award-winning restaurant, the search for culinary innovation never stops. At Asha’s, we pride ourselves in bringing together the best quality ingredients and flavors on the dining table. In an effort to bring new inspiration to Asha’s kitchens,...

Asha’s 5 Essential Spices

Indian Cuisine. Loved by many, known by few. Tantalising textures, complex flavours and magical experiences, Indian cuisine is an art in itself that goes way beyond butter chicken or tikka masala. But how much do we truly understand around the complex nature of the dishes...

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