Introducing: Asha’s Going Places

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As with any award-winning restaurant, the search for culinary innovation never stops. At Asha’s, we pride ourselves in bringing together the best quality ingredients and flavors on the dining table. In an effort to bring new inspiration to Asha’s kitchens, the team decided to go back to where the journey started – India.

Asha’s Goes To Mumbai

As the first stop of the year-long adventure of 2018, four members of the Asha’s team took to the streets of Mumbai in search of the best dishes to bring back to the Middle East. During their three day stay, Rajan Malik, Operations Manager of Asha’s, Navin Chauhan, brand executive chef for Asha’s GCC, Asha’s corporate chef Bobby Geetha as well as Yorkshireman Matthew Firth, General Manager at Asha’s, gathered an array of rich insights, spices and recipes for Asha’s.

Leaving No Dish Untasted

Starting their quest at some of the most famous Indian hotspots in the city, the four evaluated every dish in Mumbai based on creativity, taste and presentation. Upon coming across a delicately balanced flavor, the members would speak to the chefs behind the dish, gaining valuable insights to bring back to Asha’s. From delicious kebabs and tandoors to pao bhajis and chats, the team left no dish untasted.

The Essence of India

By exploring the famous Mohammed Ali Road and the Lal Bagh spice market, also known as ‘a chef’s paradise’, the Asha’s team gained a memorable perspective that lies at the heart of Indian cuisine. From the proud smile on a vendor’s face to the ambition shown by local chefs, India’s culinary contributors exhibit the values that Asha’s Restaurants envelopes on a daily basis.

The Next Stop

To share every step of the journey with our loyal diners, we will be filming the Asha’s journey through India. As the first of many more adventures to come, Mumbai set the scene for the Asha’s team on the vast culinary opportunities that lie ahead. With every dish telling its own story, the team is extremely excited to retell the story of India’s spices and flavors.

In April, Asha’s will introduce a Mumbai inspired menu dedicated to bringing the best flavour of the city to our diners.

Be sure to check back in with us on our social channels for upcoming photos and videos of our journey. We can’t wait to bring the best of India to your dining table!

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