Guilt-Free Dishes to Enjoy at Asha’s

As we ease into the new year, many of us reconsider our dietary choices. In an effort to eat healthier, we often avoid certain cuisines. Indian food, often rich in flavour and calories, can be nutritious and lighter – given the right dishes are ordered. From vibrant salads to succulent tandoori selections – healthy dishes infused with Indian flavours are available at Asha’s for you to try this year – free of any guilt.

When exploring our menu, apply the following tips to make the healthy decision with your next meal at Asha’s:

1. Avoid curries

The amount of cream, butter and oil in a curry is not ideal when trying to stay healthy. Look for dishes that are cooked in a tandoor – a traditional Indian clay oven. These dishes tend to be lean and fresh and marinated in fresh herbs. Dishes cooked in a tandoor go perfectly with a fresh salad to add a bit of crunch and freshness to the meat pairing.

Recommended dish: Tandoori Chicken Tikka Salad

2. Go easy on carbs and fried food

Indian main dishes such as curries are already heavy without the addition of bread or rice. Instead of overloading on rice and naan, try choosing one side dish of starch only. Avoid appetisers that are fried such as Samosas or Papdi Chaat. If you simply cannot avoid rice, make sure to only dish up a handful to keep a balance on your plate.

Recommended dish: Tandoori Broccoli

3. Apply the ‘balanced plate’ rule

Dieticians recommend a balanced meal on every plate. According to this rule, half of every plate should consist of vegetables. The other quarter of the plate should be dedicated to protein such as chicken, fish or dal while the other quarter should consist of starch such as rice.

Recommended dish: Tandoori Salmon, Fresh Salad and Steamed Rice.

4. Choose light meat over dark meat

Although there is a lot of protein in red meat, having too much can increase cholesterol and blood pressure. When ordering your next dish, try to avoid mutton or lamb and opt for chicken or seafood.

Recommended dish: Kerala Garlic Chilli Prawns

5. Side dishes are your best friend

When ordering at a restaurant, it is easy to select a main dish that is eaten in one sitting. Instead of overeating on a large biryani or curry, choose two or three side dishes. Be sure to apply the balanced plate rule when selecting side dishes. Pairing a deliciously fresh spinach with a fragrant spiced shorba is a great way to enjoy all the variety with no guilt.

Recommended dish: Minced Grain Fed Chicken Momo with Sweet Fennel

At Asha’s, we’ve got you covered no matter your dietary considerations. Join us this month and test out some of our healthy recommendations!