Everything You Need To Know About Kulfi

Ever heard of kulfi? Considered one of the greatest Indian treats, the frozen, milk based dessert is known as the official ice cream of India. Intrigued by its texture and color? Here are some interesting facts about the famous treat:

What is kulfi?

Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice cream made with boiled milk, sugar, saffron, pista and cardamom. Available in many flavours, kulfi is a traditional and natural treat made and sold in the streets of India.

Where does kulfi originate from?

The world ‘Kulfi’ is derived from Hindi and is said to be a synonym for the word ‘ice’. Spelled as ‘qulfi’ in Persian, the meaning directly translates to ‘covered cup’. Said to be prepared in noble kitchens with ice brought directly from the Himalayas, kulfi originated in the Mughal Empire, which dominated India a few centuries ago.

How is kulfi different from normal ice cream?

Unlike the known ice creams sold in shops today, kulfi is denser and thicker on account of it not being churned. Instead, the ingredients are often boiled like a custard before freezing. Because of this, kulfi is sometimes categorised as a frozen custard instead of an ice cream. With less calories and sodium than normal ice cream, the dessert has no artificial colouring or sweetener – making it a more natural substitute.

How is kulfi traditionally eaten?

Brought to India in the sixteenth century, kulfi is to this day available on the streets of India from traditional street vendors. Sellers keep the frozen treat cold in a special ice and salt filled pot called a ‘matka’. Usually served with simple garnishes like nuts, some vendors also serve kulfi with vermicelli rice noodles for added texture. A treat best enjoyed on a hot summer’s day – kulfi is a go-to treat for citizens and wanderers alike.

Where can you find kulfi?

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