A Michelin Stamp of Approval for Asha’s!

After opening our doors only two years ago in Manchester, Asha’s Restaurant has been featured in the renowned Michelin Guide for 2018.

As an award that recognises restaurant excellence worldwide, the Michelin Guide is the epitome of what’s hot on the restaurant scene. The Michelin Guide’s plate – also known as ‘L’ Assiette Michelin’, is awarded to restaurants in the same manner as those that receive the honorary Michelin star – which recognises the highest standards of dining.

Joining our Birmingham branch, which received another Michelin Guide recognition this year, Asha’s Manchester is honoured to be one of 24 selected restaurants in the city to receive the Michelin Guide’s plate.

In addition to commending our dining quality, we were also awarded two ‘Couvert’ or ‘knife and fork’ symbols, which honour the overall ambiance and level of comfort our restaurant provides. Being judged on every detail – from serving quality, proper plating, overall atmosphere and feel – Asha’s is proud to again call our service award-winning.

As a global Indian cuisine restaurant chain, we know that our success depends on our talented members of staff. Adding to our culinary excellence and world-class hospitality is our newly appointed head chef – Ashwani Rangta. Originally from Northern India, our chef has cooked for heads of state and five-star hotels around India before starting his journey with Asha’s.

Susan Potter, the Managing Director of Asha’s Group, commends Ashwani’s work in contributing to the Asha’s feel: “Rangta’s innovative menu continues to celebrate authentic Indian flavours and spices, while providing a modern twist on recipes our guests know and love – all using the best fresh and locally sourced ingredients.’

We are extremely thankful to our global team and guests for their continuous support on our journey these past two years. As Susan mentions: ‘We are extremely proud that this year it is not only our food that has been credited, but our restaurant experience too. We work hard to ensure that from the moment our guests walk through the door to the moment they leave they have the very best experience possible, and this award is a testament to this.”

Whether you’re in the UK or in the Gulf, we’d love to celebrate our win with you. For us, everyday is another opportunity to deliver on our world-class cuisine and service. We couldn’t have done it without you.

See you soon!